Local Search Optimization

Local Search Optimization System for Small Business

Are you wondering how to get in to the Local search results on Google?

Did you move down in ranking on Google for no reason?

We have solutions that will fit most situations.

Your Business back on track in 90 days

Phase 1

Business History
Duplicate Listings
Inconsistent Listings
Optimize Google Listing(s)
Link website to G+
Link Social Icons on Website

Other benefits:
Incorporate Reviews model
Research Issues for Phase 2

Phase 2
Website & Keywords

Website Page Titles & Descriptions
Add main Keyword to Homepage
2 additional keywords on other pages
Verify Website via Google
Contact and Locations Pages
Merge Duplicate sites
Redirect URL’s

Other benefits:
Add 10 other Local Signals
3 main Keywords will be used
Research Issues for Phase 3

Phase 3
Content & Social

Who’s your competition
Develop new content
G+ Coaching
Implementation of Video
Discuss additional keywords

Other benefits:
Reporting and Tracking for the following 90 days

Our Local Search System FAQ

How long does each phase take?

The timeline depends solely on you the business and how prompt you are in the actions that you will need to take.

For most businesses each phase is 30 days. We will guide you and coach you but ultimately it’s up to you.

How long will it be until I see results?

When it comes to this kind of work there are elements that are truly out of our hands. One of those is the fact that we cannot guarantee a specific timeline as to when rankings will go up and when Google comes to check your online real estate.

We have seen great results anywhere within 2 weeks of fixing something to 9 months and more. It’s true that some fixes take longer to go into effect than others.

Who is going to do the work?

When we start this system there’s going to be a list of action steps that you the business will need to take care of. These action steps are different for everyone. It’s based on what situation you are in.

We will all be working together to accomplish the goals that our system is asking for. There is probably 10% of things that only you the business owner can do and we will guide you through those steps.

For example, if you already have a person or a team of people maintaining your website, it is their responsibility to have done their job in ensuring that you are ranking for specific keywords and are capable of adding elements to the website per our request.

The reality is that not all web designers and developers are created equally and these situations are taken on a case by case basis. Especially when it comes to Local Search Optimization. The solution is to provide a checklist so they can look it over or we can train them at an additional cost.

I have a web designer, can you train them?

We do not believe in taking over someone else job when we arrive on the scene. A web designer who is already in place is there for a reason or two. We will respect that.

But sometimes there are cases in which the web guy or gal will need some higher education to clean up or fix some things that they may have forgotten to do. Such as properly creating titles and descriptions for each page of the website.

In cases like these businesses ask us to train their web person. We can train your current web staff at an additional cost and is not included as part of our regular program. If cost is an issue, we will be more than happy to provide a list of things to fix (with links to tutorials if available) but cannot create tutorials specifically for them.

How much does this system cost?

The cost of this system depends on how much or how little work we need to do. There are some businesses that will just need the 1st phase because they already have a great web team in place.

With that said the first phase will always dictate how the other phases roll out. For example, once we go through phase 1 and find out that an old website has bubbled to the top of the search results we will make that one of the fixes for phase 2. There have been cases in which businesses have multiple websites and we will have to determine how Google is considering those extra websites in terms of your overall web presence. All this work takes time and rolls into the overall scope and cost of the system.

Please note: Work is performed when payment is delivered. Delay in payment will result in a delay of work and therefore a delay in results from the system.

Do I have to buy the whole system? Can I just buy one phase?

No, it is not a requirement to purchase the whole system and that is why we do not charge you for something until we determine a need for it. But you as the business owner may see that the work in phase 1 helped enough to take a break or wait until funds replenish.

We recommended, any additional required phases / steps be taken care of as soon as possible so that they can start working for you sooner.