The FAQ’s listed here will help answer any initial questions you may have. While we try to make them quick and easy, sometimes more detailed information is needed. In this case links are given to a tutorial or a video for the more detailed info. If you have any questions or need further help, please do not hesitate to contact us.
What are Google Street View Tours? (Formerly, Google Business View)
Essentially it’s the same program and service that Google had for years. The name change is primarily due to the Street View technology that allows this marketing tool to work. It combines the power of Google Maps, Google+Local, Google My Business to deliver a comprehensive tool to business owners who want to promote their business online. Sometimes seen on Google Search knowledge graph by displaying a “See Inside” graphic next to the map. This service can only be delivered by hiring a Google certified Trusted Photographer who will generate a high resolution 360 degree virtual tour and a gallery of 10-15 featured photos for each individual business, using still photography not video.
What is a Google Trusted Photographer?
As of September 3rd, 2015 there are 2 kinds of Trusted Photographers. The first type is the veteran with a photography background who has gone through an intense training program from Google and has shown the ability to take professional 360 degree panoramic and featured photos in the field. The Second type is anyone from a hobbyist to a pro who has less experience working on Street View and didn’t need to go through any training and are learning as they go. Please check the list to contact one today.
How can this help my business?
  • It attracts new online customers from around the world by displaying highly visible photography on your Google My Business Listing.
  • Enhances your visibility: Images appear on Google search results, Street View and Google Maps.
  • Engages with customers who can now explore, walk-through, and truly experience your business. Users will stay on your page longer.
  • Street View is a perfect addition to any business; including restaurants, retail shops, gyms, salons, non-profits and more! What better way to gain Google’s trust?
How do I get started?

Getting started is easy! Contact a Trusted Photographer and follow these easy steps:

1. Agree on a convenient schedule and price for your photo shoot.

2. Your professional photo shoot is non-disruptive and normally takes less than 2 hours.

3. Within a week, your tour will be hosted on Google Maps for the world to see.

How does pricing work for Google Business View?
As of September 3rd, 2015, Google is allowing photographers and business owners to settle on a price for virtual tours and have removed the fair market pricing requirement. Packages are based on the number of Panoramic photos and the number of featured photos that each business desires. Square Footage quotes are not always accurate and businesses may incur additional costs after the photo session. For that reason we do not base price on square footage. Instead, a no-cost assessment can be conducted to determine the path of the virtual tour as well as the final cost for the business. Over the phone discussions regarding pricing is considered a ball park estimate.
Please contact us to schedule an assessment and quote for your business.

Also, Our base package starts at $300. Ask me how to get a Free Street View Tour.

Do you give pricing over email?
No, pricing is based on how small or how large the business wants their virtual tour to be and what areas of the business they want to capture. This is why an assessment is always done with the business owner to determine the path that the tour is going to take. A quote is given at the end of the assessment. The pricing listed on this website is to show average costs based on floor plan.

Sometimes an assessment can be done if a virtual tour already exists.

How do I get a Google Maps Page? (Google My Business)

A Maps page is essentially the same as a Google+ page. Signup and verification occurs on the Google My Business official site. You may also review our quick tutorial on getting started here.

Why are my tour and photos not on Google yet?
The average time it takes for your tour and photos to appear online is within 7 days.

With that said, there have been some cases where a tour can take less time or even more time depending on Google’s server status. All photos are uploaded together. Your patience is appreciated as multilevel tours take longer to process. In some rare cases virtual tours have suddenly disappeared from Google, If your tour is not showing please contact us and I will get the issue resolved.

Can I manage the photos you have uploaded?

Can I manage the photos you have uploaded?
Yes, New for 2018 Business owners have the opportunity to manage their Street View PANO photos from their Google account under contributions on Google maps. Tutorial on that is coming soon.