La Costa Town Square is the newest shopping center in San Diego County. So new that it’s partially still under construction. It’s a bit of a unique outdoor shopping center were it has a little bit of everything. From a Vons grocery store and local restaurants such as Bushfire Grill to European Wax and 24 Fitness.

Because this shopping center is so new (2015), it’s presence on Google Maps was a bit dismal. The satellite view is an empty dirt lot and Street View was a construction site. At the time of this post it’s still the same as depicted in the screen shots below. Plus, the Street View cars are most likely not going to be able to get to it any time soon. So here comes Street View for Business to the rescue!

La Costa Town Square Satellite View

La Costa Town Square Street View

La Costa Town Square is by far the largest tour we’ve completed aside from the Kumeyaay Lake Campgrounds in Mission Trails Regional Park. It allows a Google user to walk the entire 264,637 square foot shopping center using the sidewalks within the shopping center. It was literally an all day shoot with the majority taking place in the afternoon due to construction.

Prior to going into the photo shoot I heard that one could see the sunset from the gigantic water fountain on the far west wing. Within the tour I attempted to capture the tour so that while moving in the westward direction you would be able to see the sun setting. Enjoy.