Is it hard to believe that our world is being simulated online right before our very eyes? I don’t think it was even thought of in those terms when we started doing virtual tours of apartments back in the early 2000’s. Now for businesses, important places and landmarks it’s a whole different experience.

Since 2012, SD 360 Tours has been covering many of those cool, iconic and important places in San Diego. It was our pleasure to take on the Mt. Soledad Virtual Tour and help document it’s story on the Google map.

Over the years it’s been a subject of controversy and protest due to it’s religious connotation. I’m sure if you search you can find the full story pretty easily. The memorial portion of this park has also been the victim to vandalism. It’s a shame that such an important piece of history has been stolen right from the walls.

While on the tour you are able to see the cross, get a 360 degree view of San Diego from La Jolla and walk up to some of the walls and read about the veterans who have been honored in this memorial. We didn’t capture the park in it’s entirety because we wanted to leave something new for those who arrive in person.

Much respect to all of our current veterans, fallen soldiers and their families who paid the ultimate price for our freedoms. Hopefully this monument is here to stay and now can be shared with the rest of the world.