It was such a pleasure to shoot this tour for the Rabbit Hole. They truly are a breath of fresh air when it comes to atmosphere, food and friendly service. As a promoter of music in the entertainment business I have seen San Diego’s best places to eat and of course I’ve seen the worst.

The biggest differentiation between all these places are those who have the most character. Rabbit Hole is one of these places that you can’t help to tell your friends about. If you get a chance to go be sure to take your business partners during the day, your staff and friends during “Hoppy Hour” and of course your date at night. There’s a different experience for each of these occasions.

Aside from TV screens at virtually any angle, great Food and drinks this place allows you to get a bit competitive on the patio with the bean bag toss… fun times while drinking!

I’m not going to give away all the Easter eggs but check out the virtual tour and then go down there and see it for yourself. Be sure to check out the journey to the restrooms it’s very creative!

Technical Notes to share:

We normally do not do tours that have people present. It’s very tricky to shoot especially when you have bar tenders and patrons who move very quickly. Even in this shoot where I took my time and tried to ensure the best results possible you still see what is called “ghosting”.

If you have a similar business and are looking to get Business View, I would like to point out that the more people you have present, the increased amount of ghosting (blurriness) you will see in the final tour. We already have to blur out peoples faces (due to Googles privacy policy) from photos so it’s best to get the people to stand/sit absolutely still or not have them in it at all.