It’s all about mobile and web software these days. With the rapid increase of people ditching their desktops and laptops for mobile devices, there is no doubt that businesses need to make the transition into the mobile apocalypse.

Luckily here in San Diego there isn’t a shortage of help… but you truly get what you pay for and the trust isn’t always going to be there. I recently met a firm who can handle the design and development for everything web and mobile. Their client base ranges from startups to enterprises. I was blown away because I never knew something like this existed.

I’m so happy to be able to do a street view tour for Seamgen and get to know them while I was there. You would never know that they were in the building by looking at the front entrance. In fact, if it wasn’t for the photo on their Google listing I would’ve walked right past the door. Now you can virtually See inside and walk through their very large – nicely put together development center. Along the tour there are a few easter eggs that showcase their office humor and fun work ethic. Can you find them?

Keep these guys and gals in mind. You never know when that million dollar mobile app idea will pop into your head. I’ve had a couple of those ah-ha moments. Unfortunately, the search far and wide for a trusted developer was nearly impossible. Who knows when I get some time, I might shake the dust off those ideas and finally bring them to life with Seamgen.