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We have learned many things from working with local businesses and have included several must have digital marketing elements into our Street View photography packages. These services are exclusive to our clients and provide lasting value for your business.

Google Street View

We are Trained and Certified to give you top notch services and added value to your investment. As an original trusted photographer since 2012 we have the ability to enhance your "Google My Business" page and help you stand out from your competition. Scheduling is flexible, the photoshoots are quick and it's the most affordable marketing investment you will ever make. It works for you 24 hours a day 365 days a year for one low-cost investment.  We will photograph your business, integrate the photos into your business listing and publish them on your Google Local Maps page. It's Street view for the inside of your business!

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Google Walk Through on Screen



360° Local Search System

We all love to use Google Maps when we need to go somewhere, need to research a new area, or are needing to find more about where to shop. But Google Maps is far from perfect. Your business listing could be inaccurate, include wrong information, or someone else may be listed in your location instead of you. I can help you gain the most visibility for your business using the most up to date and ethical Local Search Optimization techniques. In 2013 you may have seen some drop off in your Google ranking. This is because Google is making changes to how they present businesses in the search engine. And it's just the beginning. Let me help you stay relevant, I'll manually fix your Local Business info across the web and get you back on track.

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SEO Coaching and Training - Let's Put Our Cities on the Map by Google

Have questions about your visibility online? Did the phones stop ringing and don't know why? We understand that you may not be able to keep up with all the latest Google changes. We are constantly keeping on top of the changes when they happen and sometimes we are aware of stuff before it happens. We are also a part of a couple online expert communities where we are constantly trying new things and trading expert advice. New for 2015, we are an Official partner for Google's latest business mapping campaign called, "Let's Put Our Cities on the Map for San Diego. Be on the look out for our local workshops and training opportunities. Common topics include: Verification of business listing, Fix duplicate listings, Get more reviews, Gain more visibility than your competition, website SEO and marketing to increase your ranking.