Getting started with Street View Virtual Tours (for business)


A Street View virtual tour will help you get more attention from people who search locally on from any device on Google. Your visitors will get a feel for your business before they arrive in person. It's also a great way to reduce the chance of bad reviews.

We also know how important it is to keep your phone ringing. That is why our Street View Virtual Packages come with an audit and training to help you grow your business online.

No matter what you've heard from others, Street View will only help you rank better under certain conditions. Allow us to help you get what you need to make this a worth while investment. There are 200+ ranking factors that Google will consider when deciding where to rank your business.

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Examples of Street View for Business in San Diego

Small Tour Example

These tours are small in size. It will start outside near the street and work it's way into the lobby area or walk up to the counter and doesn't encounter any obstructions. Examples include, small retail shops, tattoo shops or taco shops.

Medium Tour Example

The medium size tour is a little more complex in terms of layout. This tour can walk around minimal obstructions and walk within open spaces. Many small local businesses have this type of layout. Examples would be, Offices, small restaurants, and pet supply stores.

Large Tour Example

The large tour is more complex and can cover large areas including walking around many obstructions, down isles, hallways and even into other rooms via doorways. This package pertains to a single floor. Custom and scale-able packages are available for multi-level tours. Call for pricing.

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Our Current Street View Tour Discount and Coupons

Due to recent changes in the way Google Street View for Business appears on Search and the method in which users are able to find Virtual Tours for a business we are no longer comfortable in providing Street View services. Hopefully this is only temporary. Thank you for your understanding.

Our Street View Pricing FAQ

What are PANO's and POI's?

A PANO is short for Panoramic Photograph and is the primary method of photography to capture the virtual tour. Many people think that we are shooting video and is not the case. The graphic below illustrates how PANO’s are setup inside a business.


A POI is short for Point of Interest and are shot to further enhance your Google Business listing. They consist of areas of a business that would grab customers attention. Examples include: Storefront, Logo, Lobby, Menus, Products, Food, etc.

Pricing Factors

Pricing is based on the floor plan of your business and how much you want to show within your business. Our base price is $599 but an in person assessment is needed to fully understand your desires and the total cost involved.

Do you offer other other services aside from Street View for Business?

For those who are getting a Street View package via you are eligible to have access to my exclusive members area. This is where you will be able to download valuable information that will help you grow your business online and will keep you up to date with the latest changes that might affect your business online. Examples include: Shifts in the way Google ranks business websites, Tips on how measure your ROI, Tools that will give you insider information for your industry…and much more.

Do you offer discounts or coupon codes for Google Street View?

Many of the calls we get are from businesses and marketing companies shopping for the best deal. Listed below are the best deals on a regular basis. The biggest discount we give are for those who pay up front or do multiple locations. Discounts include:

  • Verified Non-Profits get 15% discount on all packages.
  • Businesses with Multiple unique business locations get a 10% discount on 2 or more locations.
  • Businesses who are a member of any Chamber of Commerce within San Diego and Imperial Counties will get anywhere from $50 – $100 discount.
  • Other Coupons or Discounts can be found towards the middle of this page.
What are Custom Street View Packages?

There are custom packages that can be created to best suit your needs. We also add additional (non-Google Street View) services into our packages so that we can unlock the true potential of Street View and help maximize impressions and click-through for your business listing. Many times a custom package is needed when a business is so large and unique that we have to plan the photo shoot based on environment or business related situations.